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Out in India are experts in providing awesome travel experiences for LGBT and all travellers to India.

We are a group of experienced like-minded travel professionals that have passion for sharing our knowledge of India and creating wonderful memories through responsible, fulfilling and heart-warming experiences.

In September 2018,  India’s top court overturned a 157-year-old law criminalising gay sex in a landmark victory for gay rights in the world’s largest democracy.

The impact of this for the local LGBT community is tremendous. It also gives gay travellers to the country much more peace-of-mind and scope for adventure.

It’s an exciting time for us all and especially for the team at Out in India.   We already bring you the very best product for India & Sri Lanka.  Now we are enabled to work more closely and invest in the local LGBT communities, to support them and bring you new and innovative travel experiences.   From more gay guides, gay homestays and many new tailored programs.

For us it’s not about “raising a rainbow flag and making sure the driver plays Kylie”, it’s about connecting you with genuine people and having authentic experiences

We look forward to being of service to each of you and thank you for your support in enabling us to do so.



We make it easy for you to access great new product from reputable and innovative companies that suit LGBT travellers and all of our guests.  At the same time, we are endeavouring to work closely with local communities and encouraging the gay sector to openly be part of this exciting industry and help show you their India.


Out in India provides a variety of travel options for guests dependant on their personal style and budget with a focus on Luxury, Boutique and Adventurous.

We’ve forged partnerships with a selection of local providers, each of them excelling in their area of expertise and providing Out in India with preferred rates & privileges.

This enables us to provide you seamless information and with our passion & commitment tailor each and every one of our itineraries to you as an individual.

In some circumstances we will openly advise that our brand & product range are not in line with a specific request and we will do our best to refer you to a more suitable provider.   

Dependable & reliable

We have a proven track record of superbly hosting guests from around the globe across all of our product lines.


Our team is authentic and 100% committed to the wellbeing of all those we work with and taking care of our guests throughout their travels with us.

Travel Information

Prior to your arrival to India, you will be provided with relevant information of what’s recommended for pre-departure and what to expect when you come to this very diverse & exciting country.

Competitively priced & best value

Our solid relationships with our local partners enables us to bring you both depth & overall better value, far beyond any “OTA”.  An example of this is with the Luxury Trains of India where we can favourably beat any online advertised package.


Far from it just being "current", we genuinely champion "Sustainable Tourism" (would rather call it “Responsible Tourism”) and making a positive impact on Environment, Community & Animal welfare.  We encourage our travellers to learn and be part of this ongoing commitment. 


We excel in ensuring we provide quality experiences that are rewarding & authentic, from the heart and soul of the places and people you are visiting.

Animal Welfare

No animal exploitation.  Out in India guests will see and experience wild animals ethically and in their natural habitat.  Genuine sanctuaries & rescue centres are few and far between.  Our animal experiences are always managed with the appropriate care by trusted professionals such as expert guides, local farmers, NGOs, scientists, vets and wildlife photographers.

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